2016 Adult Spelling Bee

The 22nd  annual WEP Adult Spelling Bee will be Tuesday evening, October 4 at Hunt  High School. Business, community and school teams join together in fun to raise money to support school programs.  Competing teams will vie for the winning trophy and bragging rights for a year as the best spellers in our community.

The event is FUN,  family friendly and open to the public.  Teams composed of four spellers will collaborate to correctly spell words in four rounds, with each round progressing in the degree of spelling difficulty.  During the first three rounds, spellers may “buy” their way back into the competition when they miss a word.  Words “cost” $25 each.

Businesses, organizations and individuals can support the Bee with tax-deductible donations to sponsor teams and pay for words.

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07227_WEP_Spelling Bee 2016_Flyer_V2