Communicating with Confidence

A program designed to encourage, engage, and build confidence in our students’ abilities.

WEP works with high school junior English teachers to:

  • Provide students guidance during face-to-face interviews
  • Develop tools that help students build self-assurance, practice problem-solving, and understand responsbility
  • Assist students in resume building
  • Offers opportunities for businesses/industries to share information about their company and career offerings
  • Connect students with businesses where they have a career interest
  • Connect teachers with area business leaders
  • Provide educational tours for the teachers
Communicating with Confidence
Communicating with Confidence Interview

Community Partnerships

The Communicating with Confidence program is possible thanks to the support from nearly 40 area businesses and over 130 key business leaders in Wilson. The program provides invaluable opportunities for educators to visit local businesses and educate students about the various career paths available. Key business leaders engage in face-to-face interviews with students, helping them to gain confidence and develop the skills necessary for a successful job interview.

Click here to view a list of our interviewers.

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Communicating with Confidence