The Wilson Education Partnership was originally formed as the Wilson County Education Foundation in 1989. The Foundation was organized to raise funds to promote and enhance the educational programs in Wilson County Schools. Programs included mini-grants, student scholarships, awards for staff excellence, retiree recognition and recognition of student academic achievements.

In 1991, the Wilson Chamber of Commerce established the Business and Education Partnership (BEP) to create a working relationship between business and education leaders to strengthen the public schools.  The BEP coordinated an economics education program, recognition of vocational education students and the Adopt-A-School program.

In 1993, the Foundation and BEP merged, becoming the Wilson Education Partnership (WEP). This merger unified two community groups to provide a more focused alignment of community resources toward improving local public schools.

Today the Partnership is made up of business leaders who work hand-in-hand with educators to provide supplemental financial support, advocacy, leadership and professional expertise that benefits students and staff in Wilson County’s public schools.